Core functions

CVS Volunteer Centre is an accredited member of Volunteering England, having been awarded their Volunteer Development Agency Quality Mark.  This means that it operates to certain standards, and undertakes to meet the six core functions of a Volunteer Development Agency.  It is also an active member of YAHBO (Yorkshire and Humberside Bureau Organisers) which allows it to keep abreast of current trends and make joint representation on contentious issues.

Volunteer Development Agencies provide support at a local level for individual volunteers and volunteer involving organisations. The six core functions are as follows:

  1. Brokerage
    VDAs primary function is to match both individuals and groups interested in volunteering with appropriate opportunities in the local community. VDAs hold information on a comprehensive range of opportunities. They offer potential volunteers support and advice matching their motivation to volunteer with appropriate volunteering opportunities.
  2. Marketing volunteering
    VDAs stimulate and encourage local interest in volunteering and community activity. This may include promoting and marketing volunteering through local, regional and national events and campaigns.  VDAs will manage and promote a national brand for volunteering.
  3. Good practice development
    VDAs promote good practice in working with volunteers to all volunteer involving organisations. They deliver training and accreditation for potential volunteers, volunteers, volunteer managers and the volunteering infrastructure.
  4. Develop volunteering opportunities
    VDAs work in close partnership with statutory, voluntary and private sector agencies as well as community groups and faith groups to develop local volunteering opportunities. VDAs understand the potential offered by the local communities and work with them to realise this potential. VDA will target specific groups which face barriers to volunteering. VDA work creatively to develop imaginative, non-formal opportunities for potential volunteers.
  5. Policy response and campaigning
    VDAs identify proposals or legislation that may impact on volunteering. It will lead and/or participate in campaigns on issues that affect volunteers or volunteering. VDAs campaign proactively for a more volunteer-literate and volunteer-friendly climate.
  6. Strategic development of volunteering
    As the local experts on volunteering VDAs inform strategic thinking and planning at a regional and national level.