Equal opportunities policy

The CVS:

  • recognises that the United Kingdom is a society diverse in race, culture and beliefs
  • believes that no person should suffer oppression or lack of opportunity based on race, gender, belief, sexuality, disability, age, class, or geographical location
  • believes that all people have equal rights to work towards social justice and to participate in decision-making processes and local action
  • believes that voluntary action is a means of combating disadvantage and contributes to the improvement of the quality of life for groups, communities and individuals and their empowerment
  • believes that the CVS has a role in affirming and enabling all people to collectively play an active part in their community

The CVS is committed to:

  • seeking to eliminate oppression and lack of opportunity within the CVS (including employment, volunteering, membership, governance and services)
  • working towards a just and participatory society
  • challenging oppression and inequality
  • giving priority to working with those whose full participation in society is limited by economic, political or social disadvantage
  • positively promoting its core values in all areas of its work and structure
  • ways of working that ensure equality of opportunity, participation, co-operation, democratic involvement and accountability
  • encouraging members of the CVS and others with whom the CVS works to adopt and practice a similar policy.

The Director is responsible for implementing and monitoring this policy in conjunction with the CVS Policy & Resources Group, with the advice and assistance of the widest possible constituency. The CVS Board of Directors will review this policy, the guidelines and their implementation annually.